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Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday's news and links

Lots of news tidbits on a Friday morning.

What do ya know, Illinois' governor names a someone from a virulently anti-Semitic and racist organization to a Discrimination and Hate Crimes Commission and Jewish members of the commission resign in protest. Who could have seen that coming?

As he reaches his 75th birthday, Mikhail Gorbachev is attempting to rehabilitate his reputation. While well regarded away from home, his reputation suffered considerably in Russia due to the fact that things weren't exactly smooth after the Soviet Union broke up. In related news, he still doesn't like Boris Yeltsin.

Have you heard of MySpace? My Space is a website mostly used by high school students and young adults to stay in contact. Often people make comments (sex, alcohol, drugs, etc) that they probably wouldn't if they understood that their comments might be read by unintended eyes (parents, teachers). Here are two stories which show how adults are struggling with addressing concerns that accompany these websites. First a school in California suspended 20 middle school students for viewing a students MySpace page which advocated violence to another student. Then you have a Michigan teacher suspended over a student-produced broadcast warning about the dangers of these personal webpages which was deemed to be too graphic. Bears watching.

Two kids sneak out of school early and drink enough vodka to kill themselves. What is a parent to do? Of course sue the school district (which really means sue their neighbors since that is where the money comes from). Fortunately, this jury wasn't dumb enough to turn this tragedy into a lottery ticket. The story doesn't say where the vodka came from, but I'm fairly certain it wasn't from the school.

Sadly, we have the story of a man who retired from the Navy after 23 years only to get killed by a suicide bomber in Pakistan while serving with the U.S. Consulate. Senior Chief Foy thank you for your service, rest in peace, shipmate.


Anonymous realitybasedbob said...

I like a good news roundup. It was a tough week for the neo-con gop insurgents, huh?

bushco give away nuke stuff to an unstable gov. - hellooo arms race

Brownie is now doing a heck of a job chertoff/bush bashing

W’s numbers drop to 34

A Dem goes to jail in Illinois – good riddance

The list of corrupt gops in Ohio just gets longer and longer

Dubai deal yes – no – yes –no – yes – no

The gop is running away from dear leader

“Randy” Duke gets 100 months

Film at 11 has legs – and brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job

Rent-a-chest in Florida is dragged into corruption probe

WH “finds” missing Irving Libby e mails and video transcripts - what did the gop shout when Hil and her documents?

The Penn RMC launched a major campaign against Santorum

Frist is looking to change Senate rules again because the truth hurts

South Dakota wants women to have babies from incest and rape crimes

All 50 gov’s sign complaint against bushco’s National Guard policies

The Pentagon says ZERO Iraqi battalions are ready to fight without US support and because of the civil war ahem sectarian violence US troop levels will likely increase this year.

gop nutters in the Wyoming house want citizens to be able to carry guns, permit or not. (HB 78) The cops are not so sure this is a good idea.

In related news: The Virginia House passed a bill Okaying concealed un-permitted guns to be carried in your car. Vote in state senate due soon. Cops un-available for comment - to busy shaking their heads.

We know now that paying off a credit card triggers a Homeland Security investigation

And Bill O'Reilly is a now a liberal gas bag.

Have I missed anything?

11:01 AM


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