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Monday, April 10, 2006

Random thoughts and links

Sorry about the light blogging. Was out of town for a couple days on important business (translation: fantasy baseball draft)

Heard on the radio: Ohio's baseball teams (Indians & Reds) are a combined 9 & 3 while Pennsylvania's teams (Pirates and Phillies) are an anemic 2 & 12. Ouch.

Don Surber has a post about how the 2004 election taught John Kerry about that government interference isn't always such a good thing. Shame is Kerry didn't really catch that point.

Bill Pierce for Senate is the title of a post at BizzyBlog where Tom Blumer formally endorses Pierce in the race to be the next U.S. Senator from Ohio. He runs down a checklist of attributes and positions for Pierce. Looking at the list of desired attributes I find incumbent seriously lacking.

New daily must read: SIXERS. Sixers is a new blog from National Review Online devoted to the 2006 elections. Insightful.

Isn't the police motto supposed to be "To protect and serve?" From San Fernando Valley, California we get the story of a policeman who gave an 82 year old woman a ticket for crossing the street too slowly. Basically, they are fining this woman $114 for aging. Ridiculous and sad.

With Ted Kennedy speaking to a bunch of illegal aliens at some criminal rally today, Wizbang looks at what the senator has in common with the folks he was addressing. After noting the irony of Kennedy needing a Spanish translator since he was kicked out of Harvard for cheating on a Spanish test, they went with the most obvious:
The illegal aliens refuse to accept the responsibility for their illegal actions in entering this country in violation of the law, or overstaying their visas. Ted Kennedy refused to accept the responsibility for driving his car into the pond at Chappaquiddick, leaving a young woman to die.

I've never been a fan of the hyphenated American stuff which seem to demonstrate divided loyalty. Some of my ancestors were born in other countries, but I wasn't. I'm not an Irish-American, German-American or any other BS. I'm an American. However, today I heard of one adjective I'd accept to further describe my status. Legal-American.


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