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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday links and comments

A few random links for a Saturday:

Here is something cool you can share with your kids.

A couple columns examining potential presidential candidates:
Fred Barnes interviews Sen. George Allen Nothing really surprising, except the fact that Allen understand the illegal immigration problem better than his senate colleagues.
Sen. Brownback focuses on 3 R's. Sam Brownback may not have announced his candidacy but he is already making and honing his campaign speeches.

Some are pushing for Tony Snow to be the next presidential spokesman. I think he would be a vast improvement. He has prior experience as a presidential speechwriter for the previous President Bush. Also, having listened to his radio show it is clear to me that he has a strong grasp of the issues and can make complicated matters easy to understand. I have no doubt Snow would be a strong advocate for conservative issues. Here is something I didn't know about Snow, he introduced his old friend Linda Tripp to Lucianne Goldberg.


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