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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday links and notes

A few links for a Thursday evening. No old generals sniping at Rumsfeld today, I'm tired of that silliness.

Senator Coburn Expects 7 Lawmakers To Go To Jail. Should make for an interesting election season.

The FBI is seeking to go through the files of the former newspaper columnist Jack Anderson to remove classified material he may have accumulated in four decades of muckraking Washington journalism. Lawyers might be interested in the legal arguments that are sure to follow this story. Those of us with a voyeuristic bent would be more interested in seeing a book from his volumes of notes. Anderson knew where all the bodies are buried - figuratively speaking.

A positive item for ya, a woman who was carjacked last Wednesday and missing since then has been found alive in a landfill by a worker who saw her legs sticking out of a pile of trash.

Here is something to make you giggle. Kerry 'thinking hard' about 2008 run for president.

Even though the Tennessee senate was probably right in believing this election was won fraudulently I think politically they are handling this wrong.
The Republican-controlled Senate voted on Wednesday to unseat one of its Democratic members, agreeing that her 13-vote win was tainted by questionable ballots from felons and dead voters. An investigative committee, which has been at work since the September special election, recommended Memphis Sen. Ophelia Ford be ousted after finding the election was suspect because of 12 improper ballots. Two ballots were cast in the names of dead people and others came from felons and people outside the district, the committee said.
She would have to win a full term of office in due course anyways. Beyond that, if she is at all like her brothers she will give the legislature valid reasons to to seek her ouster.

I wonder how they talked her into thinking this was a good idea:
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) -- A Salvadoran woman was detained after she tried to smuggle a military grenade and marijuana hidden in her vagina into the country's main prison, authorities said Wednesday.


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