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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday's links

Some interesting reading this morning.

I hope the bolded portion of this isn't true.
A committee working for the release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard asked Prime Minister-designate Ehud Olmert and the leaders of other Kneset parties on Wednesday to submit an additional formal request asking the United States government to grant Pollard clemency.

The Committee to Free Jonathan Pollard, with the cooperation of Pollard's wife Esther, has told Olmert that a source close to Bush told them that if Israel submits another request, it will be accepted under humanitarian considerations and as a gesture to the new Israeli government.
We do not need to release a convicted spy to demonstrate our allegiance to Israel! If Pollard didn't want to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison he should have thought of that before he spied against his own country.

Reading this article "Drama in Dry Documents: the Libby Case Deepens," I'm convinced the flimsy case against Scooter Libby will eventually go away without a trial.

How is the current war on terrorism similar to the Cold War? The opponents to the war are the main similarity, especially on college campuses.
During the Cold War, there were Communists, anti-Communists and anti-anti-Communists. It would be unfair to call the anti-antis pro-Communist. But it was the anti-Communists _ the Cold Warriors _ that the anti-antis most energetically opposed.

Today, there are terrorists, anti-terrorists and anti-anti-terrorists. It would be unfair to call the anti-antis pro-terrorist. But it is those fighting terrorists _ those waging war against militant Islamist ideologies _ that anti-antis criticize most harshly.

I try not to speak ill of the dead. So I'll just say good riddance to this goof.

A case of recognizing the obvious - Poll: Most say illegal immigrants are criminals So they needed to conduct a poll to find out that most people believe you're a criminal if you break the law. Amazing. Next they are going to conduct a poll to see if most people believe rain is wet.

This has to sound stupid to everyone regardless of their position on the death penalty.
A judge who halted an execution because the inmate was mentally ill has agreed to force the man to take anti-psychotic medication so he can be put to death.
If the guy has to be put to death who cares if he is off his meds as he is killed. Dead is dead.

Even a big fan of Tom DeLay would admit this is a really bad idea.
The White House is looking at a list of cost-cutting candidates to head the Office of Management and Budget, and Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, may be on it.
Don't they remember DeLay's ridiculous comment last year that all the fat had already been cut from the budget. He is the wrong man for that job!


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