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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday's notes & links

A few things political and otherwise to ponder on a Wednesday morning.

Chirac decided to surrender to young misbehaving French thugs. I guess the German's were busy.

Mark Joseph of looked at the presumed favorites for the 2008 presidential election (Hillary Clinton and John McCain) and came to the same conclusion I did - the favorites don't have a chance. He reached that conclusion by a different route. He doesn't believe either one passes the normal test.

Democrats like saying "tax cuts for the rich" with an accusatory tone. However, some of them seem uncomfortable admitting the end of tax cuts would equal raising taxes. Investors Business Daily has an article examining an exchange between Bloomberg's Al Hunt and Senator Clinton about raising the 15% rate for Capital Gains tax. I think it was very telling that she dodged the question and attempted to change the subject to health care. Unfortunately, the article reminds us at the end that the Republican controlled congress has not taken the lead to make the tax cuts permanent. Right now while families are stroking checks to the Treasury is a perfect time to have an open debate on taxes. Instead congress is on recess.

The Indians keep on rolling. Last night they beat the Mariners 9-4. Let's hope the Mariners leave town before Ichiro and Beltre break out of their season long slumps. They are batting .176 and .148 respectively. That won't last.

The Reds continue to reap the benefits of the Bronson Arroyo trade. Arroyo hit his second home run and won his second game yesterday. As good as his hitting has been it is more important that he has not walked a single batter.

This is about time:
Saying they are shocked by the "blatant, coordinated and anti- American demonstrations on behalf of illegal aliens," eight Colorado Republicans called on President Bush on Tuesday to declare a national state of emergency and to secure U.S. borders.
But why is this letter from only 8 congressmen and why aren't our congressmen as outraged? This could be a major election issue. We have had many Democrat senators and representatives speaking in support at these rallies which are essentially protesting the idea of enforcing existing immigration laws.


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