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Monday, May 29, 2006

When they start with a lie everything else they say is suspect

Here are two articles by liberals which have blatant lies in the first paragraph.

We'll start with Rahm Emanuel. He was part of the Clinton Administration and is now a congressman from Illinois. In a hit piece directed at President Bush he opens with this:
ON OCT. 3, 1993, an American helicopter was shot down in Somalia. Efforts to rescue the downed pilots went terribly wrong, and 18 Americans were killed. It was a humiliating incident for the world's most powerful nation. It also devastated 18 American families. When President Clinton was told that his commanders on the ground had requested more troops but had been ignored by Secretary of Defense Les Aspin, Clinton acted decisively and fired him.
How many lies can this guy fit in one paragraph. The military did not ask for more troops in Somalia. They wanted more armored vehicles. Other than in pursuit of the opposite sex, Clinton never acted decisively. Les Aspin was not fired. He resigned. However, since Aspin is deceased Emanuel can trash him with immunity I guess.

Then we have Cathy Young, a columnist with the Boston Globe. She starts her column today with this line:
AT A TIME when conservatives dominate all three branches of government and hold an increasingly large share of the Fourth Estate, the academy remains the last liberal stronghold.
She starts with standard liberal confusion. She mistakes Republicans with conservatives. There is Republican president, a majority of Republicans in the House and Senate, and most of the Supreme Court was nominated by Republican presidents. The president is somewhat conservative. In the senate there are 55 nominal Republicans but only around 20 conservatives. In the House of Representatives the Republicans have a slim and tenuous majority, but the conservatives are a minority there as well. Of the nine Supreme Court justices only four are considered conservative (Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito). Her second lie is her assertion that conservatives "hold an increasingly large share of the Fourth Estate." What she means is the leftists no longer have a complete monopoly on the news media. The fact that people lay the failings of congress at the feet of conservatives is why I would rather lose the majority in the senate than see senators like DeWine, Chafee, etc get another six years to disappoint us.



Anonymous bob said...

Bill, I think liberals are threatened by any counter to their ideas. That's why they see talk radio and the conservative blogs as a right wing majority. This shows their willingness to disregard facts. Talk radio and the blogs are basically only available if actively sought.

3:10 PM


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