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Monday, July 31, 2006

Here is a misleading headline

Consider this headline:
Key Republican breaks with Bush on Mideast
Who would you consider a key Republican Senate majority leader Bill Frist, Speaker of the House Hastert, VP Dick Cheney? Turns out this article is referring to Sen. Chuck Hagel. Chuck Hagel? Heck, I'd consider any of our township commissioners to be a key Republican before Hagel would come to mind. For the last five years the easiest way to predict Hagel's position on an issue is to figure out the administration's position and assume the opposite. Just as Hagel wants the U.S. to leave Iraq and declare the terrorists the victors there, he is now calling on the Israelis to agree to a ceasefire because he is afraid they may actually succeed in putting down the rabid dog called Hezbollah. What is amazing is this fool thinks he has a chance at the presidency in 2008. Put me on record as willing to vote for any Democrat before I'd consider voting for Hagel.


Blogger Ben said...

seriously....who is this guy kidding. He has a 0% chance of getting the nomination.

8:58 PM

Blogger Phil Prenger said...

The easiest way to get labeled a "key" Republic is to oppose the President.

9:06 PM


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