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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who else will declare victory?

Last night, Democrats were elected to majorities in the House of Representatives and very likely the Senate. However, Democrats are not the only ones celebrating today. Who else will declare victory? At the risk of being accused of hyperbole, the terrorists are celebrating a hard fought victory. A few years ago terrorists blew up a train in Madrid and the people of Spain rewarded them by electing a new president who promised to surrender in the war. Last month, terrorists in Iraq escalated the violence killing over a hundred U.S. servicemen in an attempt to influence our election. They succeeded which should shame of all of us.


Blogger Kim and Chris said...

I wish the American people could see how they have been manipulated by both the terrorists and our own media. It is a sad day...

7:00 AM

Anonymous Ken Mehlman said...

Once again little bill you seem unable to properly assign blame, or comprehend why people feel the need for accountability in government. The reason the democrats won was not because the terrorists or the media influenced the election. The people in this country are tired of watching a three year war spiral out of control. We are tired of out of control deficits and corruption. We are tired of an economy that benefits the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. You and your party lost because you lost touch with the things that matter to America. Your party has not been successful in battling terrorism-in fact destabilizing a region and breeding more. NOr have your beloved GOP been able to adequately punish those that did attack our soil. You do not speak for the majority any longer-you and charlatans and like minded snake oil salesmen have been defeated across the country. You ceded the middle to wage your silly cultural war-Check back in 6 years with some fresh ideas-as of today your brand of divisive bumbling government has been cast aside by the American people, and we all (yourself included) are better off for it.

8:05 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...

Anon (ken),

The war isn't spiraling out of control anywhere except in the pages of the NYT. If people are tired of corruption as you claim, why was Bob Menendez reelected, why was Alan Mollohan reelected, why was William Jefferson reelected? Reality is republicans are tired of corruption and when we see in in our representatives they tend to get kicked to the curb.

To claim we destabalized that region you'd would have to believe it was stable before hand. You may think we should ignore growing threats, but after 911 intelligent people realized with the weapons available today we can not wait to be hit. Iraq under Hussein never abided by the terms of the cease fire from the war he started with Kuwait. Throughout the 90's they fired at our jets flying patrols to enforce the terms of that surrender.

8:50 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...

Kim and Chris,

Sadly too many Americans get their news from the media arm of the Democrat party (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, etc) and don't see what is really going on.

8:52 AM

Blogger Brian Duffy said...


The sad thing is that some on the right and principally the middle were duped by the left and the MSM. The war, as you know too, is chugging a way fairly well; and in historical term not too bad either. We will win. However the road will be a little bit more difficult as opportunist military strategists from retired generals to liberal think tank pundits will have their quick and easy solution for the end of the war. This will only continue to confuse and dilute from the truth of the matter.

However, much of the fault for not knowing does lie at the feet of the President, Ken Mehlmen, and Karl Rove; but only a little. The president should have surely been telling the middle-undecided about the real status more often. We are at war, he is the commander and chief; he needed to be the lead cheerleader in opposition to the leftist anti-war crowd.

B. Duffy
USA, Retired

9:30 AM

Anonymous ken Mehlman said...

Oh it the war isn't spiraling out of control-Bill, Bill,BIll why was October the bloodiest month, why do we consider less regions stable? Bill you are out of touch wiht the reality of the situation specifically and the world in general. I am going to do you and your readers a favor and stop by from time to time to debunk your misinformed statements. I will do this free of charge and consider it community service so no need to even thank me. Your pal Ken

9:54 AM


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