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Thursday, January 25, 2007

How could Hillary Clinton get my vote?

As someone with a basic understanding of math and economics and a capability to discern why capitalism is preferable to socialism, I do not meet the demographics of the typical Hillary Clinton supporter. Having said that, she does have a very slight chance of getting my vote. All she has to do to garner my support is ensure Sen. Chuck Hagel is the Republican nominee for president.

The Washington Post has a fawning article speculating about the various ways Hagel could run for president. What jumped out from the article was this paragraph:
Both parties have their Iraq war contrarians. For the Democrats, it is Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, whose steadfast support for President Bush nearly cost him his seat last year and forced him to run as an independent. The Republican version is Hagel, a career maverick from Nebraska and the only GOP senator to call for an end to the war.
So, Lieberman is unwelcome in his party for wanting us to win in Iraq and Hagel is unpopular in his for the opposite reason. That paragraph is as telling about the two parties as it is about the individuals discussed.


Anonymous George Herbert Walker Bush said...

Is it hard being so out of touch wth reality? I mean seriously, the war is a travesty. Do you not see the clusterf$#%k it is. Do you not see how Afghanistan is back under Taliban control and we are powerless to stop it, You and your ever dwindling minority of jackasses have crippled this country. On the brightside, your ridiculously shortsided views and their disastrous results will ensure like minded individuals as yourself will have no shot winning an election. Thankfully maybe someone with a clue will have a shot at winning the war on terror. Good riddanc to your iodocy,. By the way who do you think is coming out of the republican primary? Let a prowar candidate win and get slaughtered in the general. I have never taken less pleasure in being right as I do on this, but to listen to you blather on and continue to promote this asinine line of thinking is insane. Perhaps you and our little caligula president should seek psychiatric help for pshycosis

5:57 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...

Not quite ghwb,

Obviously, your understanding of the situation is equal to your ability to spell.

6:54 PM

Anonymous george Herbert Walker Bush said...

is that the best you have a knock on typos- what did you get on your asvab a 12- no response no evidence to the contrary-what a clueless swabbie you are

7:05 PM

Anonymous george Herbert Walker Bush said...

i love the fact that you fear disagreement and debate.

7:14 PM

Blogger Zach said...

Being a long time reader of Christopher Hitchens, I can't see any way Hillary gets my vote. It's not even political (although I am fairly conservative). I just have no faith in her ability to lead, and no faith in her to do anything but read the polls to make her decisions.
We need more than that in the coming years.

12:49 AM

Anonymous George Herbert Walker Bush said...

Yes, we need Hagel. Definitely agree that HRC isn't the answer, but then again neither was my son.

8:59 AM


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