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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rudy Guiliani - Presidential candidate

Rudy Giuliani announced the start of his campaign for the 2008 Republican nomination for president this week. Unlike most of the other declared Republican candidates, Giuliani has considerable executive experience. He served in the Justice Department during the Reagan administration and is more well known for his eight years as mayor of New York City. There are several articles this weekend regarding his candidacy.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's article titled "Rudy the uniter" is generally favorable and attempts to ameliorate Giuliani's more liberal positions.

Les Payne of News Day pens a very negative editorial, America should shun the authoritarian Giuliani, which is closer to what Giuliani should expect to see more of if he garners the nomination.

Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune writes of "Rudy Giuliani: Running against Hamlet." This article gives us a glimpse of what we will see a lot of in the next couple years - namely a rehashing of his past in a way where every success is accompanied by a "yeah, but." Here is one example:
His sterling performance after the attack overshadowed mistakes by his administration that complicated efforts to cope with it. The mayor had insisted, against much expert advice, on putting his emergency command center in the World Trade Center--the city's most obvious terrorist target. On Sept. 11, 2001, when it was most needed, the command center became a useless pile of rubble.
Here is another poking at his earlier accomplishments as U.S. Attorney:
As U.S. attorney in the 1980s, he had two Wall Street brokers arrested and handcuffed at their offices, for maximum public humiliation. But he later had to drop the charges against one of them, and the other pleaded guilty to only a single minor count. Several of the other convictions he got in his Wall Street campaign were thrown out on appeal.

Some conservatives are rushing to jump on the Rudy bandwagon out of a mistaken sense that he is only the candidate capable of beating Sen. Clinton in the general election in November 2008. I strongly disagree. These early assaults on his reputation and character will seem tame if he gets the nomination. I admire Giuliani post 9/11 performance and I have been to New York city enough to understand the how big an accomplishment he achieved in cleaning up that city in his eight years as mayor, but none of that will matter in the long run. He has several major hurdles to overcome. First, his well known liberal positions will lose him some votes of conservatives who won't bother voting at all if the Republican seems to have the same position as the Democrat candidate. Secondly, as mayor he stepped some toes to get things done and in doing so made he enemies with long memories. Most importantly, it is likely he will square of against the junior senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, who would be the first female to be nominated by a major political party. Sen. Clinton can count on the votes of some a percentage of women who voted for George Bush (and some who didn't vote at all in 2004) just because of the novelty factor. Giuliani's very public history of adultery and his ugly divorce will only add to the likely larger than normal gender gap.

No offense intended to the mayor and his supporters, but we have to be able to do better.



Blogger BizzyBlog said...

The questions to ask are:
1. Which GOP candidate besides Rudy has any chance at all of taking states that John Kerry took?
2. Which GOP candidate will be able to defend the key crossover states (OH, FL, IA, and 2-3 others) from a victory by the Dem candidate?

All the Dem nominee has to do is hold 2004's blue states, and take one red state that Kerry didn't get. Ohio would be the most obvious candidate. That doesn't seem difficult at the moment. I don't see anyone besides Rudy capable of disrupting that plan.

Don't get me wrong, Rudy has a lot of splainin' to do .....

10:19 PM

Blogger Ben said...

I agree with Tom. Rudy is our best chance right now. Things can change, but maybe they wont. I think Rudy will play in states we lost last time, and I dont see one that stands out that he would be in trouble that Bush won. Now if the environment is grave, then all bets are off.

11:19 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...

I have to disagree. When we have run "moderate" Republicans hoping for crossover votes we have lost badly. Rudy's liberal positions are not going to attract liberals because they will be turned off by his his belief we should win the war. Whether we like it or not some people who voted for Bush in 2004 will not be motivated to vote for Rudy.

Like any product, conservatism sells best when when the salesman (ie: candidate) believes in what he is selling. Reagan was believed because it was obvious he had a well-formed belief system instead of just political calculations.

Bottom line: Folks like us will split hairs between the candidates and still vote. Rudy's problem is making up for the fact that the Dem candidate will likely have a large turnout. In 1960 Catholics made sure they got to the polls to support Kennedy. It was enough to give JFK a very slim win. Catholics are a minority. Women are clearly a majority. Hillary may not get all of the female vote but she will get a lot who just didn't bother voting in the past.

5:04 AM

Anonymous george Herbert Walker Bush said...

I think you over estimate the number of women who will vote gender over other fatcors, Hagel has more going for him without the noose that support for the presidents Iraq policy has become, as well as being a fiscal conservative that will keep alot of what is incorrectly termed as moderate republicans in the fold. neither Obama or Hillary will generate many votes from the fiscal conservatives, because of their big budget plans for healthcare is indicative of someone who is going to spend like there is no tomorrow. Run Hagel he has real crossover appeal

10:18 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...

Not quite GHWB,

Thousands of comedians out of works and you're suggesting Hagel for president?

8:28 PM

Anonymous george herbert walker bush said...

You are so dumb, incapable of even addressing a point. Honestly I am amazed you can read

3:22 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...

You recommend Hagel and when I consider that to be comical you get upset and question my reading ability? If you think so little of my piddling efforts here, go read another blog. Goodness knows there are enough of them that you don't have to bother with one written as poorly as this one.

7:40 AM

Blogger Ben said...

Bill, I always hear "when we run moderate candiates we lose." There are examples of that , yes. But 2008 is shaping up to be different I think. I dont think Giuliani is trying to sell conservatism. I also dont think that conservatives would not come to the polls if the option was Giuliai, HRC, or dont vote....I just dont see them sitting it out.

12:58 PM


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