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Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday's links and comments

Here is a disturbing story out of Iraq. Read the whole article. Bottom line is it appears someone in Washington interfering where they shouldn't.
Mr. al-Alusi put his faith in Iraq's fragile justice system. There are now confidential witnesses, including testimony from some of the men involved in the killing, that implicate Iraq's minister of culture, As'ad Kemal al-Hashemi, as the individual who ordered and financed the murder.

On Monday, an Iraqi justice signed the warrant for Mr. al-Hashemi's arrest, and American GIs, on orders of General Petraeus, began to accompany the Iraqi national police to his home in Baghdad. Then General Petraeus's order was overturned in Washington, and the Iraqi police found themselves outgunned at the home of the culture minister. Mr. al-Hashemi then fled to the fortified international zone in the center of Baghdad, where he is holed up at the al-Rashid Hotel, a compound guarded by military contractors who report to America.
Obviously, this is just a newspaper account and we don't have confirmation, but if it's true then an explanation is needed.

Not all attacks are overt military actions.

Hmmm, attempted car bombings in London suspected of being by Al Qaeda terrorists. Wait a minute, I thought Al Gore said the War on Terror was just George Bush "playing on our fears." Let's just be thankful this attempt was thwarted because of the vigilance of an ambulance crew who noticed an odor and the heroism of the bomb squad who disabled the device.

Wall St. Journal reporters stay at home in Murdoch protest. I guess that's one way to get the attention of your soon to be new boss. Maybe once he takes over they'll get a chance to stay home permanently.

Barbra Streisand to receive French Legion of Honour. I guess it makes sense for the country that considers Jerry Lewis a genius to confer their highest civilian honor someone of Streisand's.


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