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Friday, July 22, 2005

Chinese Aegis Destroyers

AEGIS technology greatly changed our Navy's anti-missile defense over the last few decades. AEGIS greatly increase the range at which an incoming threat to the battle group would be detected. Beyond that it was the precurser to development of a nationwide anti-missile shield to protect against Inter-Continental Ballistic MIssiles (ICBM). While the shield, dubbed Star Wars or SDI, has not reached fruition, recent sabre rattle comments by a Chinese general should remind us of the necessity to continue the development of this technology. Speaking of our friends the Chinese, it turns out their spies managed to steal the technology and they built their own AEGIS destroyers.

This is not good. I can only hope their spies didn't also steal the maintenance schedule since AEGIS is a very maintenance intensive system.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Steal" is such a nasty word.

How about (likely) "received wrapped in a nice little bow from some mole in the Clinton Administration"?


4:53 PM


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