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Monday, September 05, 2005

Various Supreme Court items

The Washington Post has a review of potential replacements for Chief Justice Rehnquist.

The Associated Press is reporting that sources indicate the president intends to nominate Judge John Roberts to fill the position of Chief Justice. I personally would have preferred Associate Justice Thomas be elevated to the Chief's seat. However, I understand that Thomas would have been the most contentious choice possible. Roberts nomination makes sense in if we have to have a vacancy when the court convenes it is better to be an associate justice seat than the chief's.

Betsy's Page points out a great Rehnquist tribute article by Wendy Long.

CNN has tributes from seven of the sitting Supreme Court justices. Oddly it states that no statement is expected from Associate Justice Souter.

My early money is on Judge Edith Brown Clement to replace O'Conner.


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