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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Will she get a new roommate?

Student allegedly hit roommate with hot iron
The excitement of a Bowling Green State University freshman's first day of classes this week ended in a nightmare when her roommate allegedly attacked her with a hot iron.
UPDATE and BUMP TO TOP: Apparently, Ms. Haase is recovering okay.

BOWLING GREEN - A former Bowling Green State University student whose new roommate allegedly struck her on the head last week with a hot clothes iron said she has no idea what triggered the attack - and had no indication it was coming. Heather Haase, 18, recounted the incident by telephone last night from her father's McComb, Ohio, home, where she was recovering from a skull fracture, a burn on her arm, and 19 stitches on her head. Ms. Hasse said she and her roommate, Sharronda Barkley, who was released on a bond from the Wood County jail yesterday, had been getting along fine for the few days they had been roommates: They'd walked to the store and hung out in their room and talked.

Teri Sharp, spokesman for BGSU, said both Ms. Barkley and Ms. Haase had withdrawn from the university, although Ms. Haase said last night she plans to return to the university next semester and hopes to live on the same floor of the same residence hall, where she has made friends.

She said she is in good spirits despite the incident. She's also returned to campus and the residence hall several times since the attack for support, to see her friends, and to let them know she was recovering. "A lot of people were thinking my face was half-melted off and stuff like that," she said. "But I'm doing just fine. I'm healing up real quickly and if I was walking down the street you wouldn't know I've been attacked because it's in my hair."
Amazing. It is a scary world we are sending our kids out into.


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It's weird. I never had any until yesterday. I'll look at the authentication stuff.

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