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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Difficulty in Arguing with the Left

In his column this morning, Dennis Prager explains why it is so difficult to have an intellectual argument with liberals. It's all about the "anti" label.
One of the more appealing aspects about being on the Left is that you do not necessarily have to engage your opponents in debates over the truth or falsehood of their positions. You can simply dismiss your opponent as "anti."

Anti-worker: It all began with Marxism. If you opposed communism or socialism, you were not merely anti-communist or anti-socialist, you were anti-worker. This way of dismissing opponents of leftist ideas is now the norm. Anyone, including a Democrat, who raises objections to union control of state and local politics is labeled anti-worker: "anti-teacher," "anti-firefighter," "anti-nurse," etc.
When you can not defend the merits of a particular concept or policy all you have left is attacking who ever disagrees.


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