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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday reading

What I Would do as Reds GM by Hal McCoy.
The 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings, baseball's first professional team, won all 70 games they played, including by 130-8, 80-5 and 94-7, probably a three-game series against the Kansas City Royals. When the season was over, the profits came to $1.39, which put a crimp in the post-season team party. The 2005 Cincinnati Reds lost 89 more games than their founding fathers, but the bank account is in much better shape, despite the fifth-place finish and a downturn in attendance from disenchanted fans. How does this get fixed?
I expect the Reds to be very active this off season.

Here's a laugh, former FBI Director Fouis Freeh is being interviewed by 60 Minutes this evening in advance of his book release. Word has leaked (as it always does) that the interview would be pretty negative about former president, Bill Clinton. Clinton's folks got a hold of CBS and requested time to respond. CBS agreed to the rebuttal. Who is sent by the Clinton team to defend his "honor?" Sandy Berger. Yeah, the same guy who was recently convicted of stealing classified documents and destroying them to cover up for other Clinton misdeeds or failings. Berger by the way violated his probation recently. Clinton: "I didn't do it and I have this other crook here to vouch for me."

Browns emerging rookie receiver, Braylon Edwards has an elbow infection? How in the heck does a player get an elbow infection?

Terry Pluto of The Akron Beacon Journal
is always worth reading. Today he examines the 2005 Indians and looks that the Browns and Cavs.

Today's games between the Browns and the Chicago Bears will say a lot about the teams respective coaching staffs. Both teams have 1 - 2 records and are coming off their bye week. Throughout a football season teams spend all their time preparing for the following opponent. The only time they get a chance to really work on their own team is the bye week. The Bears went into the bye week with serious questions at QB. They are going with a rookie QB who has had trouble reading defenses. The Browns on the other hand have had trouble in the secondary and in running the ball. Should be a good game between two teams that aren't ready for prime time.


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