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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I suppose some scandals are more interesting

David Holman of the American Spectator has an article titled Murky Jack Murtha which examines how the Washington Post has covered two different scandals involving lobbyists.
In the last year, ever since Tom DeLay became embroiled in the Jack Abramoff scandal, the Washington Post alone has published 168 articles mentioning Abramoff and DeLay. The Post's dogged Abramoff investigator, Susan Schmidt, has written 39 articles on Jack Abramoff in the last two years. Almost half of those made page A1 of the Post, and more than half were over 1,000 words in length. The Post has written enough about this scandal to fill a book -- literally -- and they probably will.

However, the Post seems strangely uninterested in another potential scandal involving lobbying.
Since Rep. John Murtha made his splash in November with his call for an American troop withdrawal from Iraq, there have been no stories about Robert C. "Kit" Murtha in the Post. Who is "Kit" Murtha?

He's John Murtha's brother -- a Washington lobbyist who reeled in more than $20 million for his defense contractor clients in the 2004 Defense appropriations bill. And the Pennsylvania congressman is the ranking Democrat on the Defense appropriations subcommittee, which he also chaired for six years before Democrats lost the House in 1994.
Why the interest in one case of lobbying quid pro quo and not another?


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