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Monday, March 06, 2006

Is our relationship with Pakistan souring?

Watching President Bush's facial expressions while speaking to Pakistan's President Musharraf I wondered if there was a problem between the two men. I chalked it up to the fatigue of travel and forgot about it. Well, I wasn't the only one to notice that Bush actually seemed to glare at Musharraf. Here is a lengthy article which looks at how some of Pakistan's recent actions (or in most cases - inaction) has strained the relationship.
Even before embarking on his tour of South Asia, Bush had many warm words of praise for Musharraf in the media interviews given and statements made by him at Washington. He even referred to Musharraf as his buddy. What happened between his departure from Washington and his arrival in Islamabad, which led to this change in attitude?

Reliable sources in Pakistan and Afghanistan attribute this to the briefings on the ground situation in Afghanistan, which Bush received in Kabul on March 1 from Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his officers, as well as from American military officers.

Since the beginning of this year, Afghan Army and intelligence officers had been openly criticizing Pakistan for helping the Taliban to stage a comeback in Afghanistan, for giving sanctuaries to Mullah Mohammad Omar and other Taliban leaders and cadres in Pakistani territory and for providing them with training and arms assistance. The Afghans also pointed out that the majority of the suicide bombers in Afghanistan since the middle of last year were Pakistani nationals.
Problem with the Pakistan situation is President Musharraf is not in complete control of his country and never has been. His government and military are rife with Al Qaeda and Taliban sympathizers. I'm not sure he could really help us even if he was inclined.


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