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Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday's notes

Various news and links to laugh at or think about for a Monday evening:

We'll start with some news from around the world to make one appreciate our freedoms.

Turk official arrested for chewing gum at ceremony
CNN Turk television quoted Dalci, a 38-year-old pharmacist and father of two, as saying he chewed gum to hide the smell of garlic which he had eaten the previous evening. "After laying a wreath at the monument, I noticed I had gum in my mouth. I am very sorry," CNN Turk quoted him as saying. Anatolian said Dalci was arrested after a local army garrison commander complained to state prosecutors. It was not immediately clear what kind of penalty Dalci would face.
So an Army guy complained about a politician's conduct and the politician gets arrested. Rumsfeld has to be glad he isn't a Turkish politician.

Iran to let women go to soccer games The fact that it is newsworthy that a nation will allow women to attend a sporting event says a lot about that country.

The big thing the past few days has been a CIA employee, Mary McCarthy, being fired for disclosing classified information to help some lousy reporter get a Pulitzer prize. You can not tune into talk radio without getting non-stop analysis of her treasonous behavior. Here are a few links to what's going on.
Christopher Hitchens asks: Why no special prosecutor for the latest CIA leak case?
The Corner at National Review Online has a litany of comments and review of McCarthy's political connections and her campaign contributions.
The American Thinker has an article titled Mary McCarthy makes four Which notes that McCarthy is the 4th member of the National Security Council under Clinton to attack the current administration.
CDR Salamander believes "Have you ever been an associate of Sandy Berger?" should be the first question on everyone's security questionaire. He reminds us that Berger, who hired McCarthy, has his own problems with classified documents.
Best comment on the incident comes from Rush Limbaugh. Not a direct quote, but it went like this: "If Democrats can point a couple crooked Republicans and use the slogan Culture of Corruption, then the response should be about the Democrat's Culture of Treason."

Natan Sharansky has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today. Just go read it. No commentary necessary.


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