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Monday, May 29, 2006

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature

You do goofy stuff to make kids in test tubes you have to accept the occasional mistakes.
THE white dad whose wife had Asian twins in an IVF blunder told yesterday how his son declared: “I want to be pink like you, Daddy.” He said he replied: “Well, I want to be brown like you — that’s why I sit out in the sun. He laughed at that.”

The dad and his white wife, who we will call Mr and Mrs A, were speaking for the first time since The Sun’s world exclusive 2002 story about the test tube bungle. We told then how the twins, now six, were born after an Asian man’s sperm was wrongly used to impregnate eggs from Mrs A at a fertility clinic run by Leeds NHS Trust.
We have reached the point of 6 billion people on Earth making babies the old fashioned way. It is sad when loving couples are unable to conceive, but when you you do goofy stuff don't be too surprised when you get different results than you expected.


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