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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday notes and links

A few links for a Thursday:

My town isn't on this list is yours? Top 10 Liberal Cities

Sen. Specter Threatens to Block NSA Funds Specter's behavior should have taught President Bush and the RNC not to blindly support a liberal incumbent just because they pretend to be a Republican during election cycle. Bush could have supported conservative Pat Toomey or stayed away from the race until after the primary, but he didn't.

Even if our elected representatives in Washington don't understand it, our local sherrif knows what to do with people breaking the law - You arrest them.
The Butler County Sheriff has asked immigration officials for months to crack down on illegal immigrants. On Thursday, he got his wish -- and says this is only the beginning. Sheriff Richard Jones says we can expect similar round-ups in the future.

He says the purpose of Thursday's operation was to arrest people who are here illegally and wanted for serious crimes.

"I've sent a message and I told [illegal immigrants] we were coming and we came today and this is only the beginning," said Sheriff Jones.
That's one man I don't regret having voted for!

In Showtime, Ari Fleischer examines how the White House briefings have changed since the introduction of cameras. It all becomes a show. Look at how the House and Senate changed after C-SPAN brought cameras in to record their bloviating.


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