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Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday morning links

A few items to read on a Friday morning:

A couple days ago, I stated that the rising gas price issue was simply a matter of supply and demand and chastised some senators for not understanding basic high school economics. Well, it is nice to have someone a lot smarter than myself say the same thing. Here is Dr. Charles Krauthammer latest column: Say It With Me: Supply and Demand. I'm not ashamed to say Krauthammer explains it better than I did.

Here is an article reminding us that there are judicial nominees still waiting on an up or down vote. Despite senators (like our own Mike DeWine) patting themselves on the back for confirming a few of President Bush's nominees, there are some that have waited several years to find out if they will be confirmed. UNSAT! The Constitution requires the senate to provide advise and consent. If they don't hold a vote they are failing in their responsibility.

In his column, SPIES & LIES . . . AND PRIZES FOR WARTIME TREASON, Ralph Peters makes a very good point about the recent Pulitzer prize.
IF a street-corner thug knowingly receives stolen goods for profit, he goes to jail. If a well-educated, privileged journalist profits from receiving classified information - stolen from our government - he or she gets a prize. Is something wrong here?
Not to be mean, but doesn't the picture of Peters look a little like Ralph Nader?

Senate races to watch

The liberal musical chairs continues. Rosie O'Donnell Named New 'View' Co-Host. So CBS replaced Dan "documents look god to me" Rather with equally liberal Katie Couric. Then NBC replaces Couric with Meridith Vieira, an anti-war protester. To finish the rotation, ABC has decided on gay marriage activist Rosie O'Donnell who has called for our president to be tried for war crimes. I had heard Patricia Heaton was being considered for the View. It's a shame, Heaton (an Ohio State grad) would have provided some class and balance to that show.

Right Wing News has a column called 10 Pieces of Advice for Republicans in Washington His second and third items are actually advice that politicians from both parties should heed.
2) America Should Always Come First: Whether we're talking about international treaties, foreign policy, or even illegal immigration, Republicans should NEVER put the interests of foreigners above those of their own countrymen. Americans should always come first.

3) Remember That There Is No Such Thing As Free Money: The money Washington spends doesn't come out of a Golden Goose or fall from the sky. To the contrary, it comes right out of the pockets of the American people and they will miss it dearly. It's money that people could otherwise spend on retirement, grocery bills, medicine or their kid's college education. That's why the government should be restrained in their spending habits, keep taxes low, and avoid running up a debt. The government isn't spending "free" money, it's spending money that people worked hard for and earned, and a lot of Republicans seem to have lost sight of that.


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