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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Voting Day

Primary elections are being held across the country today. If I were from the other party I'd urge you to vote early and vote often. However, since I'm a conservative Ohioan concerned for our future, instead I'll urge you to vote early and vote Bill Pierce for Senate and Ken Blackwell for Governor.

As a side note, I had someone (Bob) tell me they were voting for DeWine even though Bill Pierce may be a much better choice only because he was concerned about Sherrod Brown winning in November. It is an understandable concern. I wouldn't want to be represented in the Senate by Brown either. However, that argument falls apart when you take a good look at Brown's positions. Brown is extremely liberal and will not be marketable state wide. Ohio doesn't mirror Brown's district and won't elect someone to the left of Ted Kennedy. I'd even go so far as to say DeWine may have more trouble than Pierce in defeating Brown. There is a growing "throw the bums out" sentiment and if you add that to the general dissatisfaction with DeWine he ends up looking rather vulnerable in November.


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