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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Who vetted the choice for Treasury Secretary?

Yesterday John Snow resigned as Secretary of the Treasury and President Bush announced he has chosen Goldman Sachs Chairman Henry M. Paulson Jr. as Snow's replacement.

Here are a few articles which lead me to wonder whether Paulson was properly vetted for the position.

Treasury Nominee Is Ideologically, Ethically Challenged
Under Paulson’s leadership, Goldman Sachs participated in ethically, and perhaps legally, questionable business practices. Paulson also supports the economy-killing Kyoto Protocol and has demonstrated little respect for private property rights.

On the ethical front, Paulson has refused to answer questions about his apparent use of Goldman Sachs’ corporate assets to advance his personal interests. In 2002, Paulson used at least $35 million of shareholder money to help environmental groups stop a “sustainable forestry” project in Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Environmental groups had delayed the project for years—to the point where financial stress on the project developer became acute and forced the sale of the land. Goldman swept in and bought the land, promptly turning it over to Paulson’s environmental allies.
It may not fit the legal definition of theft, but in my book that's pretty much what it is when corporate leadership uses company money to support their pet charity. These CEO's get paid millions of dollars, they can reach into their own pockets to support their favorite cause.

Fortune magazine had an article titled Hank Paulson's secret life a couple years ago.

Ethics Group Criticizes Henry Paulson Nomination for Treasury; Cites Nature Conservancy Conflict of Interest and Fannie Mae Fraud

Paulson Pick Goes From Bad to Worse

I don't have a problem with the fact that Paulson has contributed to politicians on both sides of the aisle. I can even accept that he has supported the extremely pro-abortion EMILY's list since as Treasury Secretary his performance of his duties shouldn't be affected by that issue. His involvmentenvironmentalmental groups and support for the KYOTO treaty is a concern.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, I would go a little further and say anyone who supports the Kyoto treaty should not serve in any government position. Well any way U.S. government position. Because in my opinion Kyoto is blatantly anti American.

2:22 PM


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