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Friday, June 02, 2006

Haditha and Ishaqi

Various left and right wing blogs, radio and tv commentators, and politicians have been talking about alleged military atrocities in the Iraqi cities of Haditha and Ishaqi. I haven't bothered blogging about these stories (except to condemn the despicable Rep. Murtha for quickly assuming guilt and attempting to use the incident for political gain). The main reason I didn't write on these cases is because I remember the famous words of the legendary Civil War general from Ohio, William Tecumseh Sherman. Sherman quite correctly said "War is Hell." I don't say that to offer a blanket excuse to any soldier who commits any act during war. Rather I bring that quote up to remind people that when the decision is made to engage another country in war you are also deciding to have things happen that people in civilized society would condemn. Our soldiers are human not robots. They respond to stress and fear. It is foolish to expect them not too. I supported the decision to go to war to deal with the threat that Iraq posed as a nation state which actively supported terrorism. My eyes were open to the fact that deciding to deal with Iraq meant we would get some results we don't like. The alternative would have been a far worse result.

I have not seen final reports and obviously don't know the specific facts of the case. I am fairly certain the final report will be vastly different from the initial leaks and media reports. I will guarantee that what happened in Haditha will not be classified as a "cold-blooded murder" as Murtha claimed.

Regardless of the final report, keep these soldiers in your prayers, now and on their return to civilization.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, Right on, I think one of the reason were still fighting at all is that we are to civilized in are fighting tactics. The acts the press see as barbarous are probably part of some of the most humane in the history of warfare. Not that everything done in Iraq and Afghanistan is pretty, but the retraint is un paralleled.

1:59 AM


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