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Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday's news and links

Sometimes I know I'll like an article just based on the title. This is one of those times: Throw the U.N. on the Ash Heap of History
"The United Nations has proven that it does not have the backbone to stand against tyrants, that its members abuse its systems for short-term gain, that it is careless with the money it’s given, that its employees and contractors cannot be wholly trusted to execute its lofty ambitions, and that even its humanitarian efforts are undermined and shortchanged as a result," says Shawn. If it were a private corporation, it would be deemed a criminal enterprise.

In Beyond the Hillary Hype discussing Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions, Armstrong Williams writes: "Although she hasn’t officially announced her desire to run for President, it is clear she will do so. Thankfully she cannot win back the White House for the democrats, and there are three reasons why: She's too liberal, too conservative, and severely under qualified." He goes on to explain each of those reasons.

The Washington Post has an article today explaining some of the details of the Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) bribery case.

Parade Magazine has an article titled How We Make Marines. Well worth reading. (H/T CDR Salamander)

Some sad news today on the health of Casey Coleman, longtime sideline reporter for the Cleveland Browns. A man of strong faith, Coleman is dealing with this news as one would expect.
Casey Coleman, who has staged a mighty and public struggle with pancreatic cancer, received devastating news from his doctors Friday: He has inoperable tumors in his liver and has months to live. Coleman visited the Cleveland Clinic on Friday, hoping a clean bill of health would allow him to return next week to "Wills and Coleman in the Morning" on WTAM AM 1100.

The longtime Cleveland sports broadcaster, who has been fighting pancreatic cancer for eight months, was typically upbeat even in the face of such a grim prognosis. "The good news is that I don't have to have that hernia operation I scheduled," Coleman joked with friends. "I've already had five more months than I was supposed to, and I'm grate ful for that time," Coleman said Sunday night after returning from his daughter Kayla's Bay Village High School baccalaureate cere mony. "The doctors say I have anywhere from three months to nine," said Coleman who will continue his chemotherapy to slow the disease. "I'm going to squeeze out all the time I can."

Coleman said he is look ing forward to being the official starter at the Walk for Hope on June 24 at Cahoon Park in Bay Village. All proceeds will benefit research to fight pancreatic cancer. For more information go to
Keep him and his family in your prayers.

While some pretend there is no War on Terror or that the invasion of Iraq was solely based on false information, there seems to be a matter of some concern in Canada. Like it or not, Islamic fanatics are at war with the west.


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