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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday's notes & links

Ben Stein is always a compelling and insightful read. His column today, Let's Stand for Something, is no exception.

Bill Sammon of the The Examiner notices the obvious in his column: President Bush’s victories receiving little attention.

A little humor this morning. Jefferson promises he has 'an honorable explanation' Anyone who believes his explanation is asked to contact me for a discount price on a bridge in Brooklyn.

The last item made me laugh, this one makes me angry. Officer at Fort Lewis calls Iraq war illegal, refuses order to go. If I remember correctly, during time of war violation of UCMJ Art. 85 Desertion and Art. 87 Missing Unit Movement is punishable by death. With this turd being an officer that punishment is even more appropriate as he could be leading others to commit the same act.

FBI Investigating Ill. Mayor for Bribery
NILES, Ill. (AP) -- The FBI is investigating allegations that the longtime mayor of this northern Chicago suburb took bribes from an insurance agency in exchange for pressuring village businesses to buy policies, court records show. Federal agents Tuesday raided the insurance agency owned by the late Ralph Weiner, who had been a close friend of Niles Mayor Nicholas Blase, according to documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune before they were sealed by a court order.
A politician in ethical trouble and the article makes no mention of political affiliation. Hmmm? You know what that means.

Ted Kennedy thinks you're a bigot
. Well, actually he only thinks you're a bigot if you think guys should marry girls and vice versa.
Will no one turn to Ted Kennedy and say, "Sir, have you no decency?" The six in 10 Americans who oppose gay marriage (and the majority who in the latest Gallup poll support a constitutional amendment to protect marriage) do not deserve to be denounced as bigots by their own elected officials.

In Are you able to obey this law?, John Stossel looks at how the law of unintended consequences makes complying with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act so difficult for employers.


Blogger Ben said...

that was a good article by bill sammon? how big is the examiner? does anyone know? i assume way smaller than even the wash times - where sammon used to work.

btw has anyone read his recent bush book, "misunderestimated?"

i kind of want to read it

8:46 PM


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