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Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday's various links and comments

A constituent has some hard questions for Lindsey Graham regarding his efforts on behalf of illegal immigrants. Actually, the author is really asking Sen. Graham to be even half as helpful to an immigrant who followed our laws as he is to those who flaunt our laws.
Three years later, when Eugen's visa was about to expire, my dad called me in a panic. "I'm about to lose the hardest working tech I've ever had."

We spent a year calling and writing every office we could think of, including yours, Sen. Graham. Your office has his information right now. But what did you and your amnesty allies do for Eugen? Nothing. No extensions, no change in visa status. And so they left. Eugen and Alina did something millions of other legal immigrants have done. They kept their word. They obeyed the law. And now, they're waiting, hoping that eventually the red tape will be cut and they can return to America and to the lawful employers who need them.

If only Eugen were a criminal. If only he were willing to break our immigration laws, then you'd be falling all over yourself to help him.

Take taxes, for example. As an illegal Eugen could have kept all the tax money he's paid Uncle Sam since 2000. Thanks to you, illegals who've been working off the books for 10, 15 or even 20 years only owe three years of back taxes. Better still, they get to pick which three years. Such a deal!

Eugen also made the mistake of paying his Social Security taxes. Unless his status changes, he'll never see a penny of that money. But if he'd committed Social Security fraud to get his job, your immigration bill would reward him by applying the profits of that fraud toward his future Social Security benefits. And because Eugen is a skilled worker who earns middle class wages, he won't qualify for the billions in Earned Income Tax Credit dollars you voted to give illegals entering your amnesty program.

Then there's the biggest insult of all Eugen respecting our border and waiting for the right to return, all the while watching millions of others violating our borders and receiving special treatment from politicians like you.

Why, Sen. Graham, should a handicapped Romanian TV repairman have more respect for our laws and our borders than you do?
Good question, why should anyone respect our laws when our elected representatives show so little regard for them.

How do government handouts (you know money previously taken from taxpayers) work out? Here is one example.

Why are President Bush's approval ratings low? Here is a main reason: Bush shuns Republicans' stand to return illegals
Mr. Bush drew praise yesterday from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, a key Democrat on the issue. He said Mr. Bush was "right on the mark" in telling Congress to get a broad bill done.
Bush's popularity is down because he is losing what should be his base. Here is a clue for ya Mr. President if Ted Kennedy says you're "right on the mark" on any issue you need to reexamine your position.

Ben Stein puts the alleged mistakes in Iraq in historical context. I disagree with Stein's assertion that Iraq was a mistake, but once you get past that he is right on in stating that "mistake" pales in comparison to other mistakes in the past.

Some have said I don't criticize Republicans. It is true that I don't bother covering Republican misdeads that much, but that is because the media has no problem fitting those stories into the evening news but time or space seems to run out before they can get to crooked Dems. Or if the newspaper does tell the story of a misbehaving Dem there isn't room to include party affiliation. Anyways, here is a Republican candidate I'm urging people NOT to vote for in the coming election.
Republican Jim Galley, who is running for Congress as a “pro-traditional family” candidate, was married to two women at the same time, defaulted on his child support payments and has been accused of abuse by one of his ex-wives.
We have close to 300 million people in this country. Out of that group both parties should be able to find qualified, honest candidates who don't beat their wife and are able to figure out if they are divorced or not before getting married to someone else.

Lastly, our long national nightmare begins today. In other words, schools out for Summer break.


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