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Monday, July 31, 2006

A Designated Hitter for Most Valuable Player?

I've never believed a DH should be MVP. After tonight, I have to reassess my stance on this argument. David Ortiz is the American League MVP as it stands right now. Ortiz demonstrated why he deserve to be MVP even though he doesn't play a defensive position. Wow! No player is more responsible for their teams success than Ortiz no matter how well they play defense.


Blogger Ben said...

I have also always felt that a DH should not be MVP. However, when he came up in the 9th tonight, you just knew he was hitting a homer. It really wasnt a question.

That said, I still find it hard to give an MVP to someone who only plays half the game. But if it ever was going to be a DH, you would have to say it would be Ortiz.

8:57 PM

Anonymous bob said...

Bill, Ortiz is a tremendous player but lets not get carried away. Carmona is the not ready for primetime player. Hopefully he survives the fire and can step up next year

1:19 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...


Agree that Carmona is a rookie, but he isn't the only pitcher Ortiz has pounded. Heck, he wasn't the only one Ortiz pounded last night.

5:43 AM


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