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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Breaking news - Rumsfeld out as Defense Secretary

In a somewhat surprising development it is being announced that Donald Rumsfeld is stepping down as Secretary of Defense. A dedicated and hard working public servant, Rumsfeld is being made a scapegoat for the fact that war isn't easy and doesn't happen without casualties. In my opinion Rumsfeld was the best man to hold that office since its inception in 1947. He attempted to reform the entire military structure, but was resisted by many career officers resistant to change. Many in the military as well as civilians in the Pentagon regard service secretaries as temporary help who shouldn't make major changes. The current hostile political environment means immediate history will not be very kind to him. Maybe the passage of time will lead to a more fair assessment of his service. Regardless of how he is judged I believe he knows he did his best to protect our country in dangerous times.

Word is Rumsfeld's replacement will be Robert Gates current president of Texas A&M University and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. I wish Mr. Gates well in this very difficult assignment.


Blogger Arshad said...

"Pride is the common forerunner of a fall. It was the devil's sin, and the devil's ruin; and has been, ever since, the devil's stratagem, who, like as expert wrestler, usually gives a man a lift before he gives a throw! " (South)
Good riddance!

1:52 AM

Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Unfortunately, you are right about the career military folks being the one's to be Rummy's downfall. Many of the changes he wanted for a "lighter, faster more mobile force" are needed today. Unfortunately, too many guys with lots of stars like the way things have been. When I was in, we called them Dinosaurs. Of all the institutions I've been involved with (without rubber walls) the military is the most resistant to change.

7:16 PM


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