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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why Mike DeWine lost

People will over analyze Mike DeWine's loss to see how a two-term senator lost to a fairly unknown congressman with far left views. Some will wrongly say DeWine should have moved to the center. No, here is why DeWine will no longer be a senator:

DeWine lost because he ignored Ohio.
DeWine lost because he took reelection for granted.
DeWine lost because he waited too long to fight for his job.
DeWine lost because he tried so hard to prove he wasn't beholden to republicans that republicans by and large felt no need to support him at the polls.
DeWine lost because he failed to clearly explain to voters how far out of the mainstream Brown is on nearly all issues.
DeWine lost because he failed to distance himself from disgraced Governor Bob Taft. If DeWine and other Ohio republicans had quickly, publicly and loudly called for Taft's resignation it would have muted some of the Dem talking points which painted all Ohio Republicans with Taft's sins.

In some states an incumbent senator can coast to victory without doing much campaigning. Well, guess what Mr. DeWine, this is Ohio not Massachusetts or West Virginia and your name isn't Kennedy or Byrd.


Blogger Ben said...

He should have run 1 min commericals in the summer basically throwing all other OH R's under the bus and said "I am not like them, I am not involved, and I dont condone their behavior." Not sure if that would have saved him, but he sure as hell wouldnt have lost by 10 pts.

All your reasons are valid, especially the one that he didnt realize he was in a fight until it was too late.

7:51 PM


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