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Friday, January 26, 2007

Liz Taylor gives Hillary Clinton campaign $100,000

As I read this article, the thought kept going through my mind that the limit an individual can donate to a campaign is $2,000. If that is the case, how does Liz Taylor get away with giving 100,000 to Hillary Clinton's campaign? Well, according to the Federal Elections Commission web site the maximum donation has gone up due to indexing for inflation to $2,300 which is still well less than 100,000.

Now, I understand that laws don't apply to these folks the same way they might to you and I, but this seems awfully blatant. Anyone know if there is an exception for actresses who used to be good looking?

Reuters is now reporting that since their first report would constitute a violation of election laws now it is a lesser amount that Liz donated to Hillary's campaign.
A spokesman for the 74-year-old actress said she had contributed $2,100 to the New York Democratic senator, the legal limit an individual can give in a primary campaign. Earlier the spokesman had said Taylor gave $100,000, but said that was an incorrect figure based on misinformation.
Who knows?


Anonymous a true republican said...

hey tinybill why don't you post the correction. Of course you won't because you care nothing for truth and honor all you care about is advancing your own luantic ideas here you go in case you have a shred of integrity

6:06 PM

Blogger LargeBill said...

Not quite "a true republican",

Thanks for advising me as to the correct amount Liz donated. Reuters is welcome to issue a correction since they reported the story incorrectly in the first place.

6:41 PM

Anonymous a true republican said...

I figured you have no desire to be honest

7:03 PM

Anonymous a true republican said...

I love this blog. It is the literary version of the 3 stooges

7:08 PM


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