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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random thoughts

Random musings about life, entertainment and politics.

First a little advice to parents out there - Limit the number of teenagers allowed to sleep over. Two teenage girls can be relatively quiet. Three or more get unbearably loud and screechy.

Regarding the Don Imus affair, am I the only one really tired of hearing about that goof and the stupid stuff he said? Is it even news that he said something offensive? News flash time. He has been saying offensive crap for decades. Let his sponsors and guests decide if they want to be associated with him, but end the non-stop coverage.

Several Democrat presidential candidates have announced that they will not participate in a debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus because the event is being co-sponsored by Fox news. Apparently, they perceive Fox to have a conservative slant to their coverage. How much outrage would we have heard if Republican candidates had ever refused to participate in debates with moderators from CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or PBS all of which have very well documented far left leanings. Also, how would these candidates deal with the problems they would inevitably face as president if they are afraid of a moderator with a conservative point of view. Curiously, some candidates (McCain, Biden, etc) have had no problem appearing on Imus' show despite his long history of racist and sexist garbage.

West Virginia blogger Don Surber has the definitive statement on the Duke lacrosse non-rape case:
West Virginia may be 49th in income but North Carolina is 50th in justice.

Burt Prelutsky of has a plan to solve the prison over crowding problem. I may not agree with all his ideas but can't argue with this part of his plan.
While I'm at it, pedophiles would all be executed. No more of what we have now where baby rapists go to jail for a few years, only to be released into a society that doesn't want these creeps anywhere around their kids. I can't be the only person who's sick and tired of watching law enforcement trying to monitor sexual predators 24/7. Anybody who can't be trusted not to attack some three-year-old has no right to live.

After a bizarre first week of the baseball season the Indians are 3 and 1 with four games snowed out. I won't blame baseball for scheduling home games this early in the season. The weather isn't always that rough in April. I will blame baseball for scheduling two west coast teams who only make one visit to Cleveland for the first 7 home games. Why are those teams and others like the Yankees only making one visit to Cleveland? Two reasons - interleague play and the unbalanced schedule. Baseball went to an unbalanced schedule a few years back so teams will play more games (18 or 19) against teams in their own division. In a five team division you end playing 75 games against divisional foes. Then you waste 15 games on the asinine inter-league idea. That doesn't leave a whole of games to play against the other nine American League teams.

Clarice Feldman, the undisputed expert on the Plame Affair, pulls no punches as she addresses Rep. Henry Waxman's (D-CA) attempt to fan the flames of that fake controversy.
Is Congressman Harry Waxman, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, ignorant, lying or counting on the fact that the press is both?

He is now picking a fight with Secretary of State Condi Rice based on utterly false premises.

Chairman Waxman insists that Rice explain why in his 2003 State of the Union address the President "asserted that Iraq sought uranium from Niger" and demands that she provide information about what she knew about this assertion and how it ended up in the address. In this demand, Waxman continues to cite misinformation as fact.
Read the rest and keep this in mind every time some idiot declares the president lied to get us into this war.

Went to the dentist yesterday and afterwards while I was writing a check the receptionist asks if I've gotten one of their calendars yet. I say no figuring they were just clearing out the few they had left for this year. Then she hands me a 2008 calendar book. 2008? Already? It is only April. If there is such a thing as too efficient this is an example.


Blogger Ben said...

no you are definetly not the only person tired of hearing about the Imus flap. He apologized. Let's move on. There are more important things, but some people wont let that happen.

1:24 PM

Anonymous bob said...

Bill, If the media had left this Imus thing alone most of the country wouldn't even have heard his bigoted nonsense. So by playing it up aren't the media promoting this type of speech.

3:36 PM


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