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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday links and comments

This is kind of funny. If you are running for traffic court judge, I'd recommend double checking to make sure all your past tickets are paid off.

The Weekly Standard has a lengthy profile of Fred Thompson. It is getting clearer that Thompson is going to run in 2008.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has an article touching on the trait that separates Thompson from other candidates, "GOP's Thompson: A great communicator."

One of the things Fred Thompson needs to have happen is Tommy Thompson giving up his unlikely candidacy. Tommy Thompson, despite being a successful governor of Wisconsin and a former cabinet member, is virtually unknown outside his immediate family. Having another candidate out there with the same last name can't help Fred. Especially if the other guy is spending his time apologizing for a speech where he connected making money with being Jewish.

Sadly, the "Blame Game" has already started in the Virginia Tech tragedy. Don't blame the police chief, the university president or the gun. Blame the demented person who pulled the trigger. Hindsight may show that the police or the school could have responded differently, but it is deplorable to see the Monday Morning Quarterbacking within hours of the shooting. There will be time enough for that later. Instead, today we should recognize the heroes of the day and pray for the recovery of the injured and for the families of all the people affected. By heroes I'm referring to the various first responders and men such as the teachers who sacrificed their own lives attempted to buy time for their students to escape. Here is a link to an article about Professor Liviu Librescu who died blocking a door so his class could escape through the windows.


Anonymous bob said...

Bill, the blame game is bad enough but did you here Nicki Giovanni (teacher, poet) at the convocation.She rambled on at the end espousing all her bleeding heart causes. To me it wasn't the appropriate place to be politicising.

1:23 AM

Blogger LargeBill said...

The snippet I saw of her speaking didn't include her politicizing an event which should have been devoid of politics, but I'm not surprised. Last year I posted about an ugly speech she gave when Cincinnati was dumb enough to invite her to speak at the re-dedication of our downtown Fountain Square area. In what was supposed to be an uplifting moments for Cincinnati, she says some goofy poem which included a line about Blackwell being an SOB.
The little I heard of her speech from yesterday made it seem like she has only one style of poetry. I'm not a poetry critic but it seems rather pedantic to me. Regardless of the quality of her poetry, it was an awful decision to include such an awful person at an event like yesterday.

5:26 AM


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