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Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday night links and comments

Huh, the last king of Afghanistan died. Wonder what the odds were on him living to 92 years old. At 19, he was crowned hours after his father was assassinated. At the time his nickname was "Next."

Michael Vick ordered to stay out of training camp
Okay, but what took so long. After the indictments were handed down last week with the awful details, did anyone outside Vick's immediate family really think he would be playing this season? Don't argue about the assumption of innocence. That is in the criminal courts not the court of public opinion.

Your girlfriend is too drunk to drive. Take the keys = good idea. Get run over by her car trying to stop her = bad idea.
Vega then got into her car and drove off as her boyfriend clutched to the open driver's side window. She reportedly fishtailed down the block as her boyfriend's feet dragged. Soon after, Wiederer became lodged under the car — leaving what Newsday called "a trail of skid marks and blood."

Jay Steiner, a 60-year-old retired nurse, said the car sped through two stop signs before coming to a stop. He rushed to the vehicle but saw no signs of life. He said he recalled Vega saying, "Oh, my God ... Don't tell me I just killed my fiance."
Wow, good luck sleeping with that one on your conscience.

Wow, it's a small world. There is a kid that has been teammates with my son on a few baseball teams over the last couple years. I've met his parents in passing - nothing more than "Hi, how ya doing?" Well, at a practice last week I'm talking to the kid's dad and he kiddingly gives me some grief about wearing a Cleveland Browns tee-shirt. He asks "Whats a Browns fan doing living in the Cincinnati area?" I responded with an off hand comment about marrying a southern girl and this guy says he did the opposite. I asked him where his wife is from and he says "Westlake" which is my hometown. After we talk some more, I realize his wife was a classmate of mine and grew up just a couple blocks away. What are the odds? Looked her up in the yearbook - zero memories. Talked to her at the tournament this weekend - still zero recollections of her.

Speaking of Cleveland, local icon Drew Carey has been selected to succeed Bob Barker as host of the long running TV show "The Price is Right." There were rumors that my distant cousin, Dan Patrick, had resigned from ESPN to take that job. I guess I can assume those rumors were false now.

Need a reason to pray tonight? Pray for this family.
Minor league coach dies after being hit. Coolbaugh is survived by his wife, Mandy, and two young sons, Joseph and Jacob, all of San Antonio. Mandy Coolbaugh is expecting another child in October.


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