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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Senator Craig, it's time to resign

By now everyone knows about Senator Craig (R-ID) and his extracurricular activity that got him arrested in June. Evidently, he attempted to pick up a guy in an airport public restroom. It was his misfortune to have picked an undercover policeman to make his clumsy move on. I don't particularly care if Craig is gay, bi-sexual, confused or whatever. I do care that a United States Senator has such poor judgment and so little self-control. I won't bother addressing whether staking out restrooms looking for guys sending the toe-tap signal is good use of limited police manpower. Also, I'll leave it to the Libertarians to argue whether the behavior in question should be illegal. My main concern is a senator with such poor judgment. With a population of one and a half million people, Idaho should be able to do much better.

Speaking of should be able to do better, Editor & Publisher is asking a key question of the journalism profession: "How Did News Outlets Miss Senator's Arrest for Nearly Three Months?"



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