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Monday, July 30, 2007

ABC in business of creating news instead of reporting news?

ABC conducts a poll an gets this result and decides it is news:
Three in 10 Americans say the Supreme Court is "too conservative," up sharply from two years ago and now substantially more than call it "too liberal." Just under half say the court is about balanced ideologically in its decisions.

Thirty-one-percent call the court too conservative, compared with 19 percent in July 2005 -- a period in which Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito have joined the court, replacing William Rehnquist and Sandra Day O'Connor.

Several problems with this being presented as news. First, I highly doubt that more than 1% of the people polled could even name all 9 justices much less intelligently discuss the constitutionality of recent rulings. Beyond that, what really undermines the idea of this being "news" is a great deal of poll results are really just people responding with what they have been told repeatedly by the extreme left leaning mainstream media. To the extent people even watch news coverage of the court they are mislead to believe that any ruling that is inline with the Constitution is excessively conservative. After decades of liberals using the courts to enact legislation many have forgotten that the legislative branch is responsible for legislation.


Blogger Ben said...

I would also be surprised if 1% of people could name all 9 would be like 3% of people over 18 absoluetly tops

10:54 AM

Blogger Educated Redneck said...

Funny how 'big media' takes lots of surveys and makes 'news' of the ones they like. Let me guess, about 20-30% say the court is too conservative, about 20-30% say it's too liberal and the other 40-60% are too uninformed (read apathetic) or too scared to choose a side so they say it's balanced. This is news? Lazy, biased reporters. We should rise up and sue 'big media' for feeding us crap for so many years. Be warned America, you are what you eat!

5:23 PM


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