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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Second term shaping up

It has now been two weeks since the election was held. Now, what is President Bush going to do with his mandate? Need more than one post to answer that question but his appointments to cabinet posts can definitely clue us in on his intentions. Last year, Rep. Maxine Waters (d) Calif. emphatically stated that "during this administration the White House has a sign out saying "No Women Allowed." Showing how ludicrious this statement was, President Bush has elevated his closest advisor, Dr. Rice current National Security Advisor (NSA), to be the next Secretary of State. She just happens to be female. He also nominated Margaret Spelling to replace Rod Paige as Secretary of Education. In fact, President Bush has had one of the most diverse cabinets (if not the most diverse) not out of a silly desire to pick hispanics, or women or blacks or whatever. Rather, Bush's cabinet has been diverse because he picked people he knew could do the job and who he felt he could trust regardless of ethnicity.
What do his early appointments tell us to expect? CONTINUITY. Moving the NSA up to State ensures that the Bush Doctrine will continue to be at the forefront of our foreign policy. Some assume that Gonzalez will be a major change from outgoing AG Ashcroft. My own opinion is they will be surprised how similar the Justice Department will be under the new guy. Part of what goes into that false assumption is the villification of John Ashcroft. I know many people in law enforcement who have seen several FBI Directors and Attorney Generals come and go. Most will tell you they don't change the way they conduct investigations based on who is filling a chair in DC.
More to follow as more positions are filled.