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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Navy beats Notre Dame

No, seriously, this IS newsworthy. Congratulations to the Midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy on ending a 44 year losing streak to Notre Dame. I saw a lot of changes over my 25 years in the Navy. However, there was always one constant you could depend on - Navy losing to Notre Dame every November. Being a good Irish Catholic boy I've rooted for the Fighting Irish (except when playing Ohio State) all my life, but I've grown tired of hearing how Navy hasn't beat them since Roger Staubach was the Navy quarterback. So, I'm glad the Navy was able to end that streak at 43 losses. Notre Dame has to really regret rushing to give Charlie Weiss a ten year contract after having moderate success during his first season at the helm. Charlie is sitting on a very hot seat about now. Why'd they fire Tyrone Willingham, again? Willingham beat Navy each year during his tenure. Heck, even during the dark days of the Gerry Faust era Notre Dame never lost to Navy.

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