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Monday, January 31, 2005

Senator Clinton collapses

Several sites are reporting that Senator Hillary Clinton collapsed while giving a speech in New York this morning and was taken to a hospital. I wish her a complete and speedy recovery and for her health I recommend she consider retirement rather than running for reelection next year.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that she was not rushed to the hospital and apparently just fainted due to a stomach virus. My recommendation that she consider retirement stands unabated.

A great baseball game to remember

Newsradio WTAM 1100 gave me a real treat yesterday as I drove home from a weekend visit in Cleveland. WTAM re-broadcast the largest shutout victory in Cleveland Indians history. I'm, of course, referring to the 22 to nothing shellacking of the Yankees from last August 31st. When I left my brother's house the first inning was ending at 3 to zilch and one of the announcers was saying the runner left on third could come back to haunt us in the later innings. Obviously, he was wrong. As the game went on it seemed the Indians could do no wrong and no matter who the Yankees threw out to the mound the hits and runs kept coming. Omar Vizquel singled, singled, doubled, singled, doubled, and singled to tie an American League record with six hits in a single game. His bid for AL immortality ended with a fly-out to right in the 9th inning. Vizquel had more hits than the entire Yankee lineup who were stymied all game by Jake Westbrook and then Jeremy Guthrie. Here is the box score of this historic game. Prior to this game the Yankees had never given up more than 19 runs at home. Also, their worst previous shutout loss was by 15 runs. Making things worse for the Yankees, former Indian Manny Ramirez hit two homers to lead the Red Sox over Anaheim that same night. I realize this story hardly qualifies as news. However, it is a heartwarming story for all baseball fans on a day when it is 20 degrees outside. Normally, I start losing reception well before reaching Columbus. Yesterday WTAM came in clear until after Victor Martinez hit a three-run homer to end the scoring some thirty miles south of Columbus. I have to believe this game was a big factor in the Yankees deciding to get rid of Javier Vazquez this off-season.


Since November 2nd, moonbats like Conyers (D-MI), Tubbs-Jones (D-OH) and Boxer (D-CA) have been ridiculing the US election in general and specifically in Ohio (while ignoring massive vote fraud in Democratic strongholds). They made frequent claims of voter disenfranchisement based on (oh my gosh) long lines and (brace yourself) rain. People in Iraq dealt with and overcame real attempts at voter suppression. Leading up to yesterdays election terrorist scum like Zarqawi threatened to kill anyone who voted. The Iraqi people desiring freedom ignored the threats and voted at greater percentages than we do. The terrorists managed to kill over 40 people but when weighed against claims that the streets would run with blood it is obvious they failed to derail the process.


Congratulations to the Iraqi people who passed a major milestone on the path to freedom yesterday! John Hawkins at Right Wing News has a collection of quotes about the election which are worth taking the time to read. Unfortunately, not everyone could accept the spread of democracy as a good thing. Recent presidential candidate, John Kerry on Meet the Press tried his best to minimize the positive aspects of these historic elections. He preferred to concentrate on the acknowledged fact that things will not be perfect just because an election was held. What he and the other naysayers are forgetting is "perfect" is the destination not the start or mid-point of the journey. When our country was founded many problems existed (Heck, many still do) but the men of that time focused on getting our country off to a good start. Just as with a building you start with the foundation instead of the window treatments. For our country the foundation was the U.S. Constitution which decades later enabled resolution of problems like slavery which couldn't be addressed at our country's inception. I believe for Iraq creation of a similar constitution is the most important next step. A proper constitution can ensure that future disputes are settled by rule of law rather than by force. While these events are important to the future of the Iraqi people, more important to the United States will be the response over the next couple decades of people in neighboring countries. Freedom is contagious!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Klan has a home in the Democratic Party

In a futile effort to challenge the nomination for Secretary of State of a highly qualified woman who happens to be an African-American, the Democrats are showing their true colors. Their lead spokesman against Dr. Rice is a former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan, senator byrd. Lorie Byrd (no relation) of Byrd Droppings has a great cartoon on the subject. Only suggestion I'd make to her would be to replace Rep. Pelosi with Sen. Boxer in the cartoon since only the Senate is involved in the confirmation process. Showing they are the party of inclusiveness and not just the party of racists, the other headline speakers against Dr. Rice included a misogynist (Kennedy) and a cowardly moonbat (Dayton).

UPDATE: Dr. Rice has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate for appointment as Secretary of State. Unfortunately, 13 senators (Byrd, Boxer, Kennedy, Kerry, Dayton, Bayh, Levin, Harkin, Lautenberg, Jeffords, Reed, Akaka, and Durbin) either for blatant partisanship or latent racism voted against her. All who voted against Dr. Rice are admitted Democrats except Jeffords who votes with Dems most of the time but pretends to be an Independent.

Insurance is NOT just for home owners!!!

I'm sure I'll be considered cold-hearted by some who read this post. Urging people to be responsible can come across that way. Several of the baseball/sports related blogs I read have had posts the last couple days asking people to donate to a fellow blogger who lost all his belongings in an apartment fire. My first thought was okay the guy needs a couple bucks to tide himself over until his insurance agent can stroke a check. Nope, that's not the case at all. This guy had no insurance. WHAT? I'm not telling people not to help this guy out. Do whatever you want. However, it is my own belief that when bad decisions have no consequences it breeds other people to make poor decisions.

Before anyone asks, no I'm not an insurance agent. This is just another symptom of what we have been doing as a society. We are moving towards "means testing" social security. That means if you've been responsible and saved for retirement you don't get social security. However, if you went through life spending every cent you made you would get social security.

Insurance is NOT just for home owners!!!

I'm sure I'll be considered cold-hearted by some who read this post. Urging people to be responsible can come across that way. Several of the baseball/sports related blogs I read have had posts the last couple days asking people to donate to a fellow blogger who lost all his belongings in an apartment fire. My first thought was okay the guy needs a couple bucks to tide himself over until his insurance agent can stroke a check. Nope, that's not the case at all. This guy had no insurance. WHAT? I'm not telling people not to help this guy out. Do whatever you want. However, it is my own belief that when bad decisions have no consequences it breeds other people to make poor decisions.

Before anyone asks, no I'm not an insurance agent. This is just another symptom of what we have been doing as a society. We are moving towards "means testing" social security. That means if you've been responsible and saved for retirement you don't get social security. However, if you went through life spending every cent you made you would get social security.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Investing advice

I normally would advise people NOT to invest in airlines since they are all either in bankruptcy or heading there. However, after reading this article from SondraK of Knowledge Is Power I may have to reconsider. Apparently, Virgin Airlines wants their customers to know they won't be disturbed if they use the restroom to join the "Mile-High Club."

She is trying to fool us.

The New York Times has a story today about Senator Clinton giving a speech moderating her abhorant position on abortion. In a calculated attempt to distance herself from the extremists in order to appeal to normal people, she said "that friends and foes on the issue should come together on "common ground" to reduce the number of "unwanted pregnancies" and ultimately abortions, which she called a "sad, even tragic choice to many, many women." Well duh, most of us can agree that not getting pregnant in the first place would solve the problem. I wonder why no one else has thought of that? I'm not sure where you find common ground on killing little babies. You're either for it or against it. This follows a speech she gave last week professing a strong support for faith based initiatives.

Obviously, she saw the election results in November and realized that outside the northeast and western states the positions of her party are turning off the majority of voters. She can not hope to be elected by just winning the same states that John Kerry won. Unfortunately for her, she is a U.S. Senator which means she has actually had to vote on some of these issues. Words mean nothing without corresponding actions. As with previous presidential candidates with senate records she can expect her past votes to be used in her opponent's campaign ads.

I'm not fooled and hopefully you're not either.

Designers think teenagers aren't slutty enough

Found this on Right Wing News. It is a story from the New York Post about a prom dress which is causing a stir. I can understand since the dress is basically a skirt held up by two thin straps. What doesn't create as much of a stir is the sticker price for the dress. Thankfully, my daughter hasn't reached prom dress age yet so maybe I'm off base here. However, $500 for a dress that you're only going to wear once??? My first three cars cost less than that.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Watch out - Blind man driving

Tonight during a tribute to Johnny Carson on Fox, Rita Crosby was introducing a phone interview with Stevie Wonder and said "Joining us by phone is Stevie Wonder, who is driving in Los Angeles." I couldn't believe she said that but then as the call concluded she said the same thing.

Only remembered because of 18 missing minutes

Rose Mary Woods passed away today at 87 years of age. For those a little younger, Mrs. Woods was President Nixon's longtime secretary who became famous for having testified that she accidentally erased 18 minutes of White House tapes which were believed to deal with the Watergate scandal.


Is it just me, or is it a conflict of interest for a legislator to draft changes to child support laws when he has seven minor children by three different women? Tennessee state Senator John Ford actually used the claim that he maintains two families as justification for lowering his child support payments to mom number 3. He has one more child on the way with his ex-wife. The article requires registration to read but you can avoid that hassle by using "" Before anyone asks, yes he is related to U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr., also of Tennessee. He's the uncle of the congressman who is frequently on TV.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Old players say it best

A lot of people rightfully dumped on Randy Moss for walking off the field before the last play of the Vikings final regular season game. Tonight on FOX' Best Damn Sports Show,football Hall of Famer Deacon Jones addressed the matter and it was pure disgust in his voice. Deacon Jones was speaking as a player who obviously couldn't imagine a teammate leaving a game early. Being a crotchety old guy, Jones went on to rip Moss for his excessive hair and said people should just hold him down and cut it off. He finished by saying Moss' afro makes him look like Buckwheat of the Little Rascals. A minute later they had pictures of both side by side and I can't argue with Deacon, quite a resemblance. It was hilarious. Weirdest part of the conversation was Deacon explaining that he knew Buckwheat before he passed away. I could almost imagine him reenacting the Lloyd Bentson to Dan Quayle debate moment. "I knew Buckwheat and he was a friend of mine, and you, sir are no Buckwheat."

Snow day ????

Excuse me while I take a moment to to rant about "Back in my day . . . . . "

They cancelled school today due to snow. Last night they announced a two hour delay. Okay, I can accept a two hour delay to give time for the streets to be cleared of snow. This morning we get up and the scroll across the bottom of the TV is proclaiming no school today. WHAT! We had at most three or four inches of snow last night. I could understand no school if we were still living in Virginia Beach but in Ohio we should be able to handle a little snow. I don't remember school ever being cancelled for snow when we were kids.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inauguration Trivia

Were you paying attention in class? Here is a quiz about inauguration trivia.


A lady in Brazil gave birth to a future offensive lineman.

James youngest to record triple double

With 34 days to spare, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers became the youngest player to record a triple double last night. James collected his first triple-double with 27 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists as the Cavs held off a late rally for a 107-101 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Back to just being a nuisance

John Kerry is demonstrating why it is a good thing the electorate had the good sense to re-elect President George W. Bush to a second term. David M examines Kerry's comments during recent hearings of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Scary stuff going on in Boston

Matt Drudge has the flashing blue light going announcing a dirty bomb threat in Boston. If you believe in the power of prayer this is a good time to say one.

Confirmation hearings postponed

The senate hearings scheduled to examine Dr. Rice's competence to serve as Secretary of State seems to have been postponed. Apparently, Senators Biden and Boxer have decided it is more important to hold their competition for worst U.S. Senator. Obviously, these two never heard of Senators Reid, Kennedy, and Byrd or they wouldn't be bothering to fight for a title which is out of their reach. I'm not sure if Democrats feel their path to success is in reaching out to the crowd or if they feel by acting really, really goofy they improve Senator Clinton's presidential chances by making her seem comparatively moderate.

UPDATE: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16 - 2 to confirm Dr Rice's nomination and she should get a vote from the full Senate by Thursday. Who voted against her? Barbara Boxer (MB-CA) and John Kerry (D-MA). Yes, that very same John Kerry who never showed for work last year. He did not get that other job he applied for as it turns out the incumbent was preferred by the employers.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fun with numbers

For years I've enjoyed Bill James' efforts in explaining baseball through statistical analysis. He started in 1977 with his yearly Baseball Abstracts which ran annually until 1988 (Rich Lederer has done a great job reviewing these in his Weekend Baseball Beat). From 1990 through 1992 James' work was called The Baseball Book. In 1993 he changed publishers and the annual book changed names. From 1993 to 1995 it was called The Bill James Player Ratings Book. After 1995 James' contributed to an annual book published by STATS inc. called the Baseball Scoreboard.

My favorite articles in any of his works were the player projections. He used a mathematical formula (referred to as the Favorite Toy) to estimate how many hits, RBI or home runs a player could be expected to end up with when his career has ended. Today I purchased The Bill James Handbook 2005. Included in the book are Projected Career Totals for Active Players. The list show a projection for Barry Bonds to end his career with 918 home runs. I respect Bill James and am certain he has computed this accurately. Despite my admiration for his math I have to conclude either he or his calculator is nuts. His math may be correct but his conclusion is not. Bonds currently has 703 home runs and will turn 41 during the upcoming season. He has performed tremendously the last few years. However, he would need 5 more great seasons to reach that projection. It's not going to happen. I expect Barry Bonds will hit some more home runs and he will likely pass Henry Aaron as the all-time home run champ. However, I anticipate Bonds having a drop off in production after breaking the record. Aaron, like Bonds, had a great 5 year run leading up to passing Babe Ruth. After passing Ruth at age 40, Aaron's home run totals went down from 20 to 12 to 10 in his final year. The ability of the human body to recover from the daily grind of high level athletic performance decreases after age 40. Players who have done well after age 40 for the most part have been starting pitchers who are able to physically recover between starts.

Kidnapped Archbishop freed

I'm pleased to hear that Syrian Catholic Archbishop Casmoussa was freed by the terrorist scum that kidnapped him last week. The article announcing his release claims no ransom was paid. Additionally, the archbishop says he was not mistreated. That leaves to be pondered the question of why the kidnappers let him go. Could it have been from a reluctance to do harm to a religious leader even from a different faith?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

An Alternative Inaugural address

P. J. O'Rourke has a column with his recommendation for President Bush's Inaugural Address. If you are overly bothered by references to God or the Ten Commandments you probably don't want to click on the link.

"He didn't murder her, he just killed her"

A convicted murderer was released from prison yesterday after his fourth trial convicted him of manslaughter instead of murder. Three previous times he had been convicted of murder and had even spent time on death row prior to the Supreme Court ruling the death penalty unconstitutional for a few years. His defense attorney basically blamed his previous convictions on the racial problems prevalent at the time of his original trial. I will not defend the horrendous treatment of people of color in the past. However, none of that changes the facts. He robbed a bank and killed a woman during his get away.
Prosecutors derided Rideau's contention that he acted in confusion. The crime was deliberate and coldly executed.

"I thought the most interesting part of his entire story was, 'I didn't murder her, I killed her,"' Calcasieu Parish District Attorney Rick Bryant said in his closing argument.

"The passage of time has made him older and hopefully wiser, but it certainly has not made him less guilty," Bryant told the jury Saturday. "Time and age do not give you innocence."

Included in the story is the information that he became a published author and co-directed a movie while in prison. As he was becoming famous his victim just got forgotten. I don't have all the answers but I know when something is wrong and this is just wrong. I have no way of knowing if he is rehabilitated and don't care. Drug abusers and drunk drivers get rehabilitated not murderers. Some will say over 40 years in prison is punishment enough, not I. If his victim is still dead he didn't serve enough time. Maybe I'm being too harsh since he at least served some time which is more than can be said of the senior U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Joe Buck, hypocracy is thy name

I'm watching the Rams playing the Falcons and a stupid commercial gets my attention. Joe Buck is approached by his agent who advises him to say some catch phrase (slam-alam-a-ding-dong) in order to sell some bobble head dolls. A week ago this same goof (Buck) went on and on about Randy Moss being evil incarnate because he shook his backside at the fans in Green Bay after scoring a touchdown. If you're going to play a prude you need to show some element of consistency. Don't get me wrong Moss is childish on his best days. However, for the amount of whining Buck did about Moss last weekend you would have thought he had told kids around the world that there's no Santa Claus or something. I'm not a big fan of the silly celebrations some athletes perform after doing what they're paid to do but I think it is counter-productive to shine a spotlight on that act. If it offends the announcer he has the option of ignoring the childish stunt instead of making a bigger deal out of it.


Since the revelation last week that Armstrong Williams was paid by the Department of Labor to promote the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) it has been disclosed that some bloggers have received compensation from political candidates. Hugh Hewitt discusses some of the specifics on his blog. Blogs are starting to enter the realm of serious journalism. Some blogs get as many hits a day as some newspapers have subscribers. Additionally, while some people buy a newspaper for the entire package others may purchase just for the sports, the classifieds, the crossword puzzle, or even just the TV guide. In contrast most blogs tend to cater to a target audience. If Senator X is a Republican considering a 2008 presidential run he could easily identify blogs on the right side of the political spectrum with heavy daily readership. I believe a blog definitely has an ethical obligation to disclose to their readers if they are being compensated by Senator X or any entity with an interest in steering the blog content a specific direction. As a frequent reader of various blogs, I would want to know if I was reading the authors own opinion or if that opinion was potentially influenced by money changing hands. This bears watching.

Speaking of the Department of Labor, we are still waiting for someone to be held accountable for the poor decision to pay a commentator to push NCLB. President Bush finally spoke out criticizing the payout to Williams. However, so far it is just talk without action.

Friday, January 14, 2005


I'll admit I was predisposed to like the movie, In Good Company for several reasons. First off, I'm frugal (okay, okay, cheap) and the tickets to the screening were courtesy of Universal Pictures. Secondly, I've enjoyed most of Dennis Quaid's movies. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is the fact that it is the first time in years that my wife and I have gone to a movie without kids.

The majority of the movie dealt with Quaid's character's (Dan) relationship with the character (Carter) played by Topher Grace. Basically Grace plays a young whipper snapper who takes over Quaid's sales department when the company is taken over by a major conglomerate. I thought the movie explored the fears of middle-age job insecurity pretty well. By the end Carter has learned from Dan and his family that there is more to life than job achievement and advancement.

Well, I'd rate the movie as very good but not great. I left the theater thinking it was a chick flick. My wife said it wasn't a chick flick. I'll compromise and call it a date flick. Can't be an action movie. Only one person got punched, just one minor car crash and nothing blew up. I actually think a number of the scenes went too quickly and they had enough material to make a TV series out of all the ideas crammed into the movie. Maybe that is just a sign that I wanted more of the movie.

I'd definitely recommend this movie. I think it was rated PG. The swearing was limited and didn't seem gratuitous. Very little nudity in the movie and unfortunately it was Quaid and not Scarlett Johansson who played his daughter.

UPDATE: In the comments section, Chris of A Large Regular reminded me of what I was thinking as I walked to the parking lot after the movie. It had no ending.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


This is just a test. If you can read it you pass.

Monday, January 10, 2005

In Good Company

Free movie tickets! In an attempt to promote a movie, Universal Pictures are enlisting the services of bloggers to review In Good Company.

The deal just got better. There’s been overwhelming response from bloggers responding to the offer for free tickets to an advance screening of IN GOOD COMPANY.
So Universal Pictures and Grace Hill Media wants to respond to that enthusiasm by upping the ante: any blogger who signs up for the free tickets and then posts this offer and a link to the IN GOOD COMPANY trailer on their site will be automatically entered in a contest to win their very own private screening of IN GOOD COMPANY in their town. The winner can either fill the screening with their friends and family, or see the film alone with that special someone – it’s entirely up to them. One lucky blogger here in the US will win. Sign up at and send us your link. And of course, all the non-winners will still be eligible to attend an advance screening in their area.

CBS comes clean (sort of)

Five months after the blatent attempt to influence an election with forged documents, CBS released the report of the investigation into the situation. Four employees have been dismissed for either direct involvement or failure to oversee the performance of those who pushed the fraud. The report somehow maintains the claim that the report was driven by journalistic zeal to be first and not by political bias. The BS flag goes up on that claim. Additionally, the report has the audacity to say they could not definitively determine whether the documents were authentic or not. WHAT??? That defies comprehension. The documents have been so thoroughly debunked it isn't funny. I won't go into the technical stuff (present day fonts on a 30 year old memo, superscript th, etc). Others have picked at the documents until theres no meat left on the bones.

Somehow Andrew Heyward is still head of CBS' news division. More unfathomable is Dan Rather is still drawing a paycheck from the company he disgraced.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Always the last to know

Why is it that when a politician's career is over they're the last to know? Newt Gingrich considers presidential run is a headline I never thought we'd see. I'll openly admit that I think Gingrich has a brilliant political mind. However, sometimes it is easier to analize others than to objectively consider yourself. The former House Speaker has way too much personal and political baggage to ever have a chance to make it through the primaries let alone a general election. I hope he has advisors who can pull him aside and let him know he's done.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Indians sign Millwood

After two weeks of negotiations and a thorough physical the Indians signed Kevin Millwood to a one year contract. The contract is creative in that it has reverse incentives. Instead of paying the player more if he reaches certain milestones he loses a bonus if he goes on the disabled list. After getting outbid on several other starting pitchers (Clement, Perez, Milton among others) the Indians signed the best pitcher still on the market. Now I'll admit Millwood was only available (and in our price range) due to injury concerns. If he stays healthy and pitches as he did during the 6 years prior to 2004 the Indians will be in serious pennant contention this season. Additionally, with his playoff experience he should be a valuable instructor for younger pitchers on the staff on how to pace yourself through a long season.


Apparently, the Department of Education paid radio and TV commentator Armstrong Williams to talk up the No Child Left Behind Act. Sure, just like tort reform, Social Security privatization, and overhaul of the tax code/system the public needs to be educated about what the changes and who is affected. However, this process needs to be transparent.

Problem is this is the tip of the iceberg on government waste. When you spend millions and billions at a time you lose perspective about thousands. We need a greater understanding on where the government spends all the money they confiscate each year.

Lastly, watch the response to this scandal. I personally believe it should be quick and and public. The administration should repudiate the practice and fire the individual who approved this stupid idea. If the administration doesn't respond with quick action I'll be left to wonder how many other programs were "promoted" in a similar fashion. If the Democrats don't make a big stink about this then I'll assume this crap is nothing new.

Captain's Quarters also weighs in on this and examines Williams' ethical shortcomings in this sordid mess.

United Nations just like ENRON???

The UN says not to worry their "internal audit" showed no evidence of widespread problems. Now, isn't that reassuring? I seem to remember that Enron's internal auditors said all was fine there as well. There is a reason publically traded companies are required to have external audit conducted on their books. Somehow going through the books knowing the results your boss wants tends to influence the outcome.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Indians and Yankees tied

The Indians and the Yankees have won the same number of World Series championships this century (zero)!

I figured I better post that while I still can. With the trade for Randy Johnson, the Yankees starting rotation will be paid more than the Indians entire 25 man roster. I'm not going to say at this early a date that the Yankees will win it all this year. However, they have to be the prohibitive favorite to win their division again.

Lithium battery problems!!!!!!

WOW!!! Each morning my wife uses a small flashlight to find stuff so she doesn't have to turn on the main bedroom light and wake me up. Very considerate, huh? Well, today the flashlight didn't work. She managed without the light and then went downstairs for coffee and to get ready to go to work. All of a sudden there is a loud boom. Took me a few seconds to respond as it sort of fit in with the crazy dream I was having. But I smelled something and looked up and my bed was on fire. I woke up quickly then! I ran to the bathroom and soaked a towel and then smothered the fires on the bed and on my wife's dresser. What a way to start your day.

I did a Google search on just three words "lithium, battery and fire" and got over 200 thousand hits. Turns out these things are highly explosive and when they do explode they can burn at temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees. Make your own decisions but no more of those damn things are coming in my house. I think we need a new bedspread and blanket.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Democrats insult The Great State of Ohio

Despite a lack of any credible evidence, Democrats delayed certification of President Bush's election victory in order to insult Ohio. Since the election the Democrats have lied repeatedly about "massive vote fraud" in Ohio. They have accused the Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell of various crimes. They demanded and got a recount which changed nothing but cost Ohio taxpayers over a million dollars. They also impugned the motives of Chief Justice Moyers of the Ohio Supreme Court. All they will accomplish by this silly grandstanding and smearing of Ohio is push the state firmly into the Republican column. Florida barely went for Bush in 2000. However, after 4 years of being slammed repeatedly by Democrats Florida voted for the presidents reelection 52% to 47% for his challenger. Democrats may go another 20 years before they win Ohio at this rate.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Baseball Hall of Fame

My hearty congratulations go out to both Wade Boggs and Ryan Sandberg on their selection for induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the BBWAA. Both men are very deserving of the honor. Boggs was the best pure hitter of the 1980's and Sandberg was the best second baseman since Joe Morgan.

The following should in no way detract from the honor bestowed on the selectees. However, it is a travashamockery that the writers failed to recognize either Jim Rice or Bert Blyleven.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Democrats think public is concerned about treatment of terrorists/enemy combatants

The Democrats are apparently planning on attacking the Attorney General nominee, Alberto Gonzales by making his confirmation hearings a video show and tell about Abu Graib. They are fooling themselves if they think the average American is that concerned about the misbehavior of a few soldiers in that prison. Most intelligent people realize the problems there were the actions of a select group on one shift who are being prosecuted. They obviously just don't understand regular folks.

Kofi Annan gone sooner rather than later

Drudge has an announcement pending regarding Annan and the UN. Could this be his departure? There is a strong consensus that the UN has failed miserably under his leadership. The recent oil for food scandals are just the tip of the iceberg. The growing list of crimes committed under the auspices of the UN Flag in the Congo will make the Abu Graib silliness pale in comparison. Add all that to the fact that the UN has been ineffective at best in enforcing sanctions and it paints a picture of an organization which has fallen from respectability. The situation has reached a point where just removing Kofi will not be enough. The institution needs systemic changes.