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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Is there Snow in the forecast?

Several outlets are reporting that Tony Snow has essentially agree to serve as the White House Press Secretary.

Coincidentally or not, there is also growing speculation that John Snow may be on the way out as Secretary of the Treasury. I'm in the minority that thinks Snow has done a good job. Unemployment has remained near all time lows. Inflation has remained relatively low. The inflation success is especially significant considering the gas price issues of the last year or so. I've been expecting gas prices to lead to much higher inflation rates as gas is necessary to get nearly every product to market. The one area where I'd give Snow a failing grade is in self promotion and bragging about the administration's successes. Whatever failings the Clinton administration had they were really good at ensuring they got credit for anything good that happened.


Blogger BizzyBlog said...

You're giving the Clintonistas too much credit.

All they would have to do is say a couple of times on the Sunday shows that "the economy is pretty good" and mention the number of news jobs, and the WORMs (worn-out reactionary media) would spend the next week giving it unsolicited praise, despite the unsupportable stock prices that eventually crashed, and despite the fact that the GOP Congress in 1994-1996 set the stage for the roaring economy by semi-controlling spending for once.

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